Sherrie Hardy is a learning specialist with over 36 years experience helping students who struggle in school. In just the last seven years, she has helped over 900 children find success. Sherrie understands the frustrations and anxiety students, teachers and parents feel. Hardy herself struggled in school at an early age. Helped by her father's "unique ways of learning that used movement," she found success. Later, when her daughters struggled in school she tried many of the traditional options without success.

     When she realized that the process of learning is similar to the construction of a building, she became aware that her daughters' struggles were caused by problems in a weak learning foundation not by poor academic skills. They weren't learning in school because there were weaknesses in how the brain learned, in the sensory and perceptual-motor systems. The tutoring and special programs hadn't worked because they were like patching the tiles on the roof but her daughters needed the foundation shored up.

     Creating success for her daughters led Sherrie to develop systems that change the success of struggling students quickly and permanently. Her programs can be done at home or at her learning center in Camarillo, CA. Some of them are offered in Boys and Girls Clubs.

     Sherrie Hardy holds a teaching credential, a reading and adult education credential, a Masters in Marital and Family Therapy, and a Masters in Interactive Metronome Certification (MIMC). She is the author of Beyond Labels-Helping Your Child Succeed In School, founder of Hardy Brain Training, Hardy Learning Center and Hardy Academy programs that create success for struggling students and adults, creator of Rising Star Home Training System improving attention, learning and behavior and Successful Student Now on-line video program that teaches parents how to discover and correct the problems that inhibit their children's success.

Sherrie understands the frustrations and anxiety students, teachers and parents feel when learning is difficult. She specializes in training the brain to think quickly, make decisions about the information that is coming into the brain, organize it and communicate it so success in school becomes easy. Sherrie's programs combine brain training with a diagnostic program that helps parents and teachers identify and correct the sensory, perceptual-motor and timing weaknesses that cause students to struggle in school.

      Different than the traditional methods of tutoring and extra academic help, the Hardy Brain Training Program improves the way the brain processes. While tutoring helps children get by this year in class, it doesn't correct the underlying causes of the learning and attention problems. The Hardy programs train the brain to learn.

     Some of Sherrie's students have learning disabilities. Other students have attention problems like ADD and ADHD. Some have dyslexia, high functioning autism, or Asperger's Syndrome. Some are gifted but disorganized. Some are average students who aren't reaching their potential. Many of them have given up. Most of their parents are overwhelmed with trying to help them. They have tried the traditional solutions without success. When they see the quick success in neighbors and classmates in Sherrie's programs they are astonished to learn that there is a quick, permanent solution for the problems that have negatively affected their entire family. It's like a dream come true.

     As you explore the links on this site, you will meet some of the families Sherrie has helped. She looks forward to helping you and your child, too.

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